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NBC Show Heroes available on iTunes

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 31, 2006

The NBC Heroes which premieres this fall on Monday nights. Will be available on iTunes September 1st. This is 24 days before the show premieres on television. This is a smart move for NBC to do this. It is a way to get the show out to the public and to spread the word about the show.


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Diet.com Podcast Numer 1 on iTunes

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 28, 2006

Those of you trying to diet and you know who you are. Diet.com has a podcast on iTunes and it is number 1. Titled “Diet.com Diet and Fitness Podcast,” this free audio podcast delivers 3-4 minute audio clips providing practical diet, fitness, and health tips. You can download it directly from the website or subscribe to it on iTunes. This might just be what you need to get motivated to loose those extra pounds.

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Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) adds video podcast support.

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 27, 2006

Will this help sell more PlayStation Portable game systems. I doubt it, but it is a nice added feature for those who already have one. Read more about the firmware update on Yahoo! News.

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It is not about the player.

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 26, 2006

Digital Mind Corporation just announced its new line of portable media players. They say and I quote “Better Quality at Half the Price of the IPod Nano”.

These companies just don’t get it. The Apple iPod may not be the best portable media player, but it does sync with iTunes. More people use iTunes than the Apple iPod. To sell the hardware you have to make it either sync with iTunes (that is not going to happen for a long time) or you have to have a great portal with content that no one else has. Until then the Apple iPod will remain on top.

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Dallas-Fort Worth International using podcasts

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 25, 2006

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is using a series of podcasts to provide information to travelers about parking, shopping and restaurants.

According to Kevin Cox (Chief Operating Officer), this is the first podcast by an airport in the world.

DFW International Airport

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Zune Does WiFi

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 24, 2006

Zune is about to be released…….(Microsoft good luck)

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Latest iPod patent filing

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 21, 2006

Over on AppleInsider they have discovered a filing by Apple titled “Proximity detector in handheld device.” Go check it out.

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Apple Computer Shares Surge

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 20, 2006

Apple Computer topped Wall Street’s income forecast with a 48 per cent profit increase. As you might know it is due the continued popularity of the iPod music player.

The company shipped 1.3 million Macintosh computers and 8.1 million iPods. This makes the iPod the leader in digital music players. That is a 32 per cent increase in iPod sales.

The “iPod continued to earn a US market share of over 75 per cent and we are extremely excited about future iPod products in our pipeline,” CEO Steve Jobs said yesterday.

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mobiBlue B153

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 19, 2006

mobiBlu B153 Claims to have the world’s longest battery life. The form factor of the device looks nice and it has some very impressive features. Click on the link to see what the mobiBlu has to offer.

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Avenue A / Razorfish Intranet Ideas

Posted by michaelshawnlane on July 18, 2006

Avenue A / Razorfish recommends using podcasting in the enterprise. Suggesting you use podcasting for meeting recaps, product demos and virtual conferences. I can see this be really useful. You could listen to the audio in your car on the way home or working out. This could be a real time saver. I do believe it will take time for enterprises to adopt this and really make good use of podcasting. But it is certainly a good idea.

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