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Software Update for iTunes 7

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 28, 2006

Since the initial release of iTunes 7 software.  There has been numerous reports of problems with the software.  The iTunes support forum on Apple’s web site is filled full of unhappy users of iTunes 7 software.  Some experienced playback problems, performance issues, iPod syncing and other problems.  This update is certainly needed to correct the issues that users are having.

Click on over to Apple’s website and download iTunes 7.0.1


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Microsoft Zune Is The Price Right?

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 27, 2006

We know that the Microsoft Zune will sell for $249.99. That is a good price point for the device. But will the Zune be able to cut into the Apple iPod market share. There is a possibility that it just might do that. With the ability to send songs via wife to another Zune user I can see this really taking off in the younger demographic. Especially in schools and colleges. Also the ability to connect it to the Xbox 360 or TV.

The Zune on paper certainly sounds like a promising portable media device. Until the Zune is out and people are actually able to use one. We don’t really know how good the device will really be. The Zune’s release date has not been announced. It certainly will be release in time for the holiday shopping season.

So let me know your thoughts on this. Do you think the Zune over time will cut into the Apple iPod market share? I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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The StormBlue A9+ with Bluetooth

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 25, 2006

First of all I am not digging the name of this media player. The StormBlue A9+ really does have some impressive features. The Bluetooth capabilities allows you to use Bluetooth headphones. Another option is the Bluetooth allows you to link with your mobile phone. This will allow you hands-free operations via the player. This is certainly a cool feature.

The storm blue A9+ has a 2 inch 260K Full Color screen. It comes with video conversion software to convert MPG, ASF, AVI, DAT and WMV files into MPEG4 files. If you want to listen to music instead of watching videos. The player support MP3, WMA, WMA DRM and Ogg Vorbis. You get 39 hours of battery life during audio playback and up to 11 hours when watching videos.


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Water Resistant Hydra MP3 Player

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 24, 2006

For those that need a mp3 player that it water-resistant you are in luck. Check out the Hydra MP3 player. It is priced just right at $39.99 for the 1GB and $69.99 for the 2GB model.

Get more information after the click.

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Disney Max Mix

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 21, 2006

Those of you who can’t get enough Disney items with those cute little Mickey Mouse ear logo on them. Well you are in luck. Disney is launching there first digital media player next month.

The cost of the player will be $99.99. Before you get to excited about that price and quit reading here is what the Max Mix can do. It allows playback of video, music, and photo files. It comes with 512 megs of storage and can be expanded some with SD memory cards.

Disney will also offer full-length films on memory cards called Max Clips. These films are obviously aimed at the younger market. Films like High School Musical, Confessions or a Teenage Drama Queen and Ella to name a few.

Disney is not trying to compete against the Apple iPod. They are going for a younger market. I believe they will have a lot of success with this. Especially with the holiday season quickly approaching.

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Michael Levy of WildVoice Interview

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 19, 2006

Recently I had the chance to interview Michael Levy, co-founder of WildVoice. Here is how the interview went.

What is WildVoice?

WildVoice is a free end-to-end Podcasting service geared for people who are interested in sharing their own audio programs and recordings. What is unique about WildVoice is that our site and tools make it easy for anyone to create and publish audio recordings, but many of our users may not even know what Podcasting is. WildVoice offers free software and tools for creating personal recordings and Podcasts, WildVoice provides each user with a mini-web site within the WildVoice.com community to publish their shows and recordings. Users can personalize their space, publish their audio, and include rich formatted text. All audio published within WildVoice is part of a user’s Podcast. RSS is automatically generated for each user’s channel.

Why would someone use WildVoice to Podcast?

WildVoice is easy and fun to use. With WildVoice, a user can quickly sign up, create a recording, and publish it to the site. Some people may have ambitions to have a second career as a Podcaster. However, just as most bloggers are not professional writers, not everyone interested in creating their own audio programs wants to be a professional or commercial Podcaster.

WildVoice makes it easy for anyone to create and publish their own shows as Podcasts. The shows can be as simple as a short joke or story, or complex like professional talk radio hosts. WildVoice provides the tools users need to record their audio. WildVoice provides both a rich Windows application called WildVoice Studio that lets users create a show in the style of Radio DJ or talk show host. WildVoice also provides the “Shout” web recorder for Windows users to recorder short recordings or to leave audio messages for other users.

Do you consider WildVoice a social networking site?

WildVoice does have social networking features. For example, users can establish relationships with others as a Friend or as a Fan of another user. WildVoice uses these relationships so users can control who can see their shows. A user can post a show on WildVoice and limit it so only their friends can see the post.

As our community grows we expect users to enjoy the social networking features of WildVoice. However, WildVoice is primarily a site for sharing audio programs. The social networking features built into the site are to enhance that sharing experience.

WildVoice just announced the ability to add audio messages to blogs and social networking sites. Why did WildVoice decide to offer this additional service?

Certainly, MySpace is a phenomenon that all new web companies must understand and learn to co-exist with. As we looked at MySpace one thing what was surprising was MySpace users place a good deal of personal information on their MySpace profiles. Today, they post photos of themselves and write about themselves. However, all these users include music in their profile. It seemed that MySpace users in particular would embrace an easy to use method to post their own recordings in their MySpace profile. Most MySpace users write about themselves and their friends, they post pictures of themselves and their friends. Now with WildVoice MySpace users can include their own voice welcoming their friends to their profile.

With more and more Podcasts available each day and now you have Podcasts with advertising in them. What do you see for the future for Podcasting? Do you see companies willing to put more of there advertising dollars toward Podcasts?

If you look at how web technology spread in the mid-nineties it followed a pattern that we believe will be duplicated as Podcasting is further adopted. First, the early adopters and technology companies embraced the technology, then businesses started to publish their corporate information or “brochure” sites, then the greatest success of the Internet came when individual users found ways to publish their own content: this included early personal web publishing, social networks like MySpace, and of course the explosion in blogging.

Podcasting today is following a similar path. Twelve months ago only early adopters and technology enthusiasts embraced Podcasting, so there were many great Podcasts covering the technology industry and Podcasting itself. Lately, corporations have embraced Podcasting and they are using Podcasts for marketing and customer communications. At WildVoice we believe that the biggest success in Podcasting will come from ordinary users publishing their own recordings. Just like social networks and blogs, each personal Podcasts may have a small audience. However, we believe personal Podcasting (or personal media broadcasting) overall will become the largest use of Podcast technology.

Right now WildVoice is free to users. Will the service continue to be free and if so how will WildVoice generate revenue to operate?

Today, we are advertising sponsored. Our goal is to draw users to our web site as their primary place to create and share audio. We intend to always offer our current level of service for free to users. In the future we will offer subscription premium accounts for subscribers who require more advanced features or more professional levels of support.

What is next for WildVoice?

We still have many features we consider critical to our vision that we are working on. That is why we continue to call ourselves a Beta. We are constantly updating and improving the site and our tools. In the next weeks you will see a new release of WildVoice Studio and improvements on the WildVoice.com site to give our active users better statistics and feedback from other users in the community. We’re also constantly refining the user experience to make the site easier to use and more enjoyable for both creators of audio and their listeners who come to our site.


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WildVoice Helps You Add Podcasting to MySpace and Blogs

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 19, 2006

Those of you that have a MySpace site or a blog now have an easy option to add your own Podcast to your site. Why would you want to do this, according to Michael Levy, co-founder of WildVoice “Social networking is all about personalization in the often anonymous cyber world. Nothing is more intimate than hearing a person’s actual voice and WildVoice has worked to help Podcasters add a personal broadcast messages to virtually any blog or social network.”

WildVoice helps you step by step on getting your personal broadcast on your site. First you create your Podcast with either using there WildVoice Shout which is like recording a voicemail. For more of a professional quality you will want to use WildVoice Studio. Once you record you post the file to the WildVoice website. Then WildVoice generates the HTML code that you copy to your site.

So click on over to WildVoice and start adding some personal broadcasts to your site today.

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T-Mobile To Offer Ad-Supported Music Video Trial

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 18, 2006

T-Mobile and EMI Music are working together to offer a trial of ad-supported mobile video with the help of Rhythm NewMedia. The trial is being conducted in the UK (sorry USA). The customer will use a guide to make a selection of the videos they want to see.

The advertising will be similar to television. Here are the companies that are participating Coca Cola Zero, Gillette, General Motors (UK), Land Rover, Microsoft Mobile and a few more.

EMI is certainly trying out new business models to get there content out to the consumers. Remember earlier this month EMI made an agreement with SpiralFrog to offer ad-supported downloads of there content.

Hopefully these companies are now starting to understand that consumers want to be able to listen or watch content across many different platforms.

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BT PodShow

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 14, 2006

UK’s BT is about to launch the BT Podshow. The BBC covers the entire story about the launch.

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Apple iTV

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 12, 2006

Today Apple released information about the iTV device that will be available in the first quarter of 2007. It has built in 802.11, wired networking, USB, HDMI connector, component video, analog audio and optical audio. It will come with an Apple remote and connects directly to a TV or home theater system.

You will now be able to watch your movies and TV shows that you downloaded to your computer right on your TV in another room. It will sell for $299 and works with PC and Macs.

This device is such a smart move for Apple. This will certainly bring in more customers who will use iTunes and download TV and movies. I think this device will certainly shut the box on Amazon Unbox.

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