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Make Sure You Edit Your Podcast…..Right CNET?

Posted by michaelshawnlane on October 6, 2006

For those of you who listen to Buzz Out Loud Podcast, CNET’s “podcast of indeterminate length” got a little surprise this week on Wednesday October 4, 2006. In my drive home from work I was listening to the podcast and on this day the topics and the way they were talking seemed different. The podcast features Tom, Molly, and producer Veronica. This daily Podcast discusses the latest technology news. As I listened to the podcast the topics didn’t seem really technology related and some of the things seemed inappropriate for certain listeners to hear. I was surprised at what I heard and even the “F” word was dropped. Glad my four year old son was not in the car. This went on for a little over five minutes and then they started the show like they always do, with an introduction from Tom, Molly, and Veronica.

So what happened? Well it appears that Veronica forgot to edit that part out of the podcast before uploading it up to be downloaded. On the next podcast for October 5, 2006 Veronica apologized and felt really bad about what had happened. I am not writing this to come down on CNET’s Buzz Out Loud Podcast; it is a great daily podcast. We all make mistakes. I think it is important to note as podcasts become more main stream and companies continue to invest there advertising dollars into podcasts. You must be careful in editing your podcasts before allowing it to be downloaded. One slip up could have you loosing your advertising dollars.

This is certainly a lesson for anyone who podcasts or is thinking about podcasting. Be sure to edit and make sure you know what you are uploading before your listeners download your podcast.


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