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Creative Zen Vision:M Firmware Disables FM Recording

Posted by michaelshawnlane on October 13, 2006

The latest firmware for the Creative Zen Vision:M does something you might want to know about.  It disables the your ability you once had to record FM radio.  In the release notes for firmware update 1.50.02 it states it will disable the FM recording capabilities.  Well it seems from the user forums on Creatives website many owners are a little upset by this.

I don’t understand why companies feel that it is right to disable features in firmware updates.  I assume Creative disabled the FM recording feature because of pressure from the RIAA.  I have not been able to locate an official release from Creative on why they did this.  If anyone has information on this please let us know.



5 Responses to “Creative Zen Vision:M Firmware Disables FM Recording”

  1. excite2 said


    I urge all creative pmp/mp3 users who disagree with Creative removing the FM recording features to post short videos on YouTube.com voicing your complaint about Creative and their lack of dealing with customer concerns. Urge all who see your video to not use Creative products until recording features are put back in place.

    Don’t get mad, get even! It is a known fact that many companies have changed their policy on electronic/appliance products because of customers posting video complaints on YouTube. Creative will never change until they see it affects their bottom line!

    Creative is obviously not listening to any customer complaints concerning the loss of FM recording with the new firmware, so let your frustrations be known and show Creative that the customer still has the power to be heard!

    Since the beginning of radio cassette players/recorders, users could record broadcasts from the radio! Don’t let Creative steal this right from you! Especially after paying for the high cost of an MP3/PMP!

    Lets make it happen!

  2. Ray said

    I cant seem to find if the update does anything good. or does it just remove the radio recording

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