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Amazon Unbox…..Shut the Box

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 11, 2006

Last week Amazon opened Amazon Unbox. A portal that allows you to download television shows and movies. Television shows are $1.99 and movies are from $19.99 for new release all the way down to $9.99 for older movies.

First of all the movies are over priced. I don’t understand why anyone would want to spend twenty dollars for a movie download that you can not burn to dvd. You can go pickup the actual dvd for less than twenty. Also the downloads only play on the pc platform. No support for Mac or iPod.

It is great that Amazon is trying something new. I just don’t see this really impressing a lot of people. Maybe I am wrong, but on this one I don’t believe I am.

I would love to know what peope think about this. Do you see this as a big deal? Do you think people will use this service? Leave a comment and let us all know your thoughts.


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