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iTunes Movie Downloads

Posted by michaelshawnlane on September 1, 2006

Rumors are all over the place about iTunes having movies you can download. Well BusinessWeek is reporting new release movies will be $14.99 and back catalog movies will be $9.99. The price points seem to be fair and hopefully over time the new release price will fall some.

This is certainly going to shake up the DVD industry once iTunes has a large amount of content to offer to everyone. Also Apple will hopefully release a larger screen iPod in the coming months. Especially since the much hyped Zune is to be released.


3 Responses to “iTunes Movie Downloads”

  1. The only thing is I would rather still buy the dvd so I can watch it at home on a bigger screen anyway. We will see how it goes though.. I heard lions gate films will all be featured!

  2. I agree Jason about being able to watch it on a bigger screen. My thing is the quality of the movie download needs to be as close to dvd quality. Also will there be an option to burn the movie to dvd.

    Thanks for the information on Lions Gate Films.

  3. No problem! I certainly hope the quality is the same as a dvd. I am a big movie guy and sub-rate quality would drive me crazy! What I don’t understand is I was listening to an Apple executive’s podcast the other day and he said ipod is still planning on concentrating on music. The video option will not be the main concern. I thought it was interesting, especially if they are going to charge 14.99!

    I can see not devloping video fully for $3.99 a download, but if I pay $15 I want to be impressed!

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